My Clients

I am experienced and ready to support you regardless of whether you are needing Life Coaching or Reiki Counseling as an individual, family or group.


Providence Life Coach Life Lessons Featured on Good Enough Mother!
  • “Some people come into your life somehow and you don’t know exactly why, but they become a part of your story. If you are listening they teach you something and then you are changed. Michael came to us in a very difficult time. There was no easy answer to our issues. But his presence helped us in ways we may not even realize for years to come. He is completely non-judgmental to a level few people will ever achieve. He is peaceful and caring and insightful. He has wisdom to share and is able to look into your soul and see your potential. It is a beautiful gift.”
    Kathleen M-Kundefined

Providence Life Coaching & Reiki Counseling Clients

For Individuals…

I enjoy working with people looking for support, direction or coaching for various issues and concerns ranging from addiction, relationships, dating, spiritual training, life transitions, mental, physical and spiritual well-being. My experience and training include children, teens and adults.

I have extensive experience working with people needing crisis intervention. The source of a crisis may differ from one person to the next, but our innate need for balance always benefits from support. This can be achieved through various techniques including meditation, verbal direction and manipulation of personal environment.

For Couples…

Today more than ever, we have stresses and challenges for couples trying to find their way towards successful relationships.  The “rules” have changed and we are all working to adjust while in the process.  Couples often need support and direction to make these adjustments last. Let’s face it, change is not easy, and sustained change even harder.  It is easier to just say, “What’s the point, we are going to break-up eventually anyhow?” than it is to take the risks necessary to grow and develop deeper, more fulfilling relationships. The “point” is simple; love, companionship and connection are absolutely worth it!

If you agree that your relationship is worth the risk and commitment necessary, I invite you to contact me, so we can get started honoring that commitment.  Commitment is the essential quality for success. I am here to help. Reiki Counseling has been very effective supporting growth for couples wanting a stronger, more satisfying relationship.

For Families…

Working with the family supports our strong pulls toward belonging and connection. I was trained originally as a non-traditional Youth and Family Counselor and In-home Family Preservation Worker, and feel most connected to working with family systems. I align best with meeting with you in your home, where you are typically most comfortable and natural.

Your family is what you define as your family. Kids old enough to participate and receive support are welcome and encouraged to be part of our process together. Teens and young adults in your family are valuable and needed. Please include them. The members of the family may shift as needed to accommodate the ever-changing dynamics of your life. We need to stay fluid and current to the needs of your family and not assume everybody needs to take part in every session.

I invite you to share with me your concerns, needs and vision of what your family needs. I trust your instincts and knowledge of your family.

For Groups and Organizations…

I am grateful that it has become common today for groups and organizations to invite outside professionals to facilitate positive and sustainable shifts within the group.  I was first trained in this work in the mid-nineties through wilderness and adventure challenge excursions with high at-risk teens. My work expanded over the next decade to include adults and other groups, where we enjoyed large, group experiences. The value these experiences have in shaping our collective direction as a culture cannot be underestimated.

Some groups are hesitant to allow an outside voice to offer new perspectives and insights, thinking that this would threaten the leadership’s power and control. I find this quote an excellent starting point for group work.

Online Support
I am now accepting online clients through Skype and Google Hangouts! This allows us to work together if you are outside of my local area. I find this work supporting and effective. I invite you to contact me to schedule our first session today.

Location & Rates

I work out of the Providence Zen Center in Cumberland, RI. I am not licensed in Rhode Island, therefore, do not accept insurance. I offer a sliding scale fee ($60-$120) based on your own discernment of need. I accept cash, checks, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express and Pay Pal.

I invite you to contact me to see if we are a good fit to work together.