Addictions & Recovery

Addictions. We all have our own addictions, obsessions and compulsions. At what point does addiction, become addiction? This is a question we all need to answer for ourselves. Nobody can answer this for us, because we each have unique experiences. Our responses to our addictive and obsessive behaviors help us determine if we have crossed the line to abuse or addiction. If we know that something needs to change, a holistic approach to recovery from addiction and obsession includes mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and environmental shifts. I believe that all of it start with connection. People need to feel connected. When we don’t feel connected to ourselves, each other or however we define the life force that often is identified by terms like Higher Power, Presence, Higher Consciousness, etc., we tend to get lost and desperately try to find ways to fill the missing void. There are many that believe that at the core of addiction is a need for connection. Let’s start there!

  • “Off the top of my head, I would say spiritual healer. Plus, it is way more than spiritual. He is definitely a good listener. Michael also has this way of finding a persons core and bringing it to the light. People, myself included, hide negative memories/thoughts/experiences deep down inside and “patch” them over poorly like a city road. He found all that fairly easily I might add and hashed it all out. Which is both intense and relieving all at the same time. Finding someone who understands your spiritual needs & beliefs can make a world of difference for some. Especially, for teenagers who are going through all kinds of stuff at home and in a school.”
Online Support
I am now accepting online clients through Skype and Google Hangouts! This allows us to work together if you are outside of my local area. I find this work supporting and effective. I invite you to contact me to schedule our first session today.