Spiritual Teachings

The good news is that there are no new spiritual teachings. There is nothing new you or I need to add – the teachings are already complete! A Spiritual Teacher may offer a fresh perspective or new lens to view the spiritual teachings, but there is nothing new. What a relief! The challenge for you and I is to fully comprehend and practice the spiritual teachings in our daily lives. I am very grateful for the teacher I have been working with for nearly 25 years. She has been a source of inspiration, strength, courage, guidance and more than anything, a model of the commitment necessary to complete the work we signed up to do in this lifetime.

My training and experience draws from many spiritual and mystical traditions. A few of them include: Buddhism, Taoism, Catholicism, Quakerism, Islam, Judaism, Hindu and the vast spiritual teachings of our indigenous and native cultures around the globe. Spiritual teachings come in all shapes and forms from all over the world. There is no one culture or tradition that is responsible for all of the spiritual teachings. The most important thing I have learned is that spiritual teachings prepare us to be of service. I invite you to explore spiritual practices and I’m available to provide Reiki CounselingLife Coaching and Meditation Training if that calls to you.

  • “I have had the privilege to call Michael many things: Teacher, mentor, guide, and friend. At a time in my life where I lacked purpose or direction, Michael helped me in uncovering my truth and orienting towards my path. He is a uniquely gifted healer with an unusual capacity to meet people exactly where they are. I highly recommend his work to anyone interested in personal, spiritual, or emotional growth.”
  • “We can’t do it alone, but nobody can do it for us.”
Online Support
I am now accepting online clients through Skype and Google Hangouts! This allows us to work together if you are outside of my local area. I find this work supporting and effective. I invite you to contact me to schedule our first session today.