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In the last segment in the Providence Life Coach Dating Success Series, we discussed that your best foot forward is to be yourself.  So you’ve decided you want to show-up on a date as yourself, “just being you”. The next task in being you is to figure out, Who Am I?  Unfortunately, most of us don’t know who we are.

Providence Life Coach Dating Success Series - Who Am I? - Providence Life Coaching and Reiki Counseling


Here is your mission, if you choose to accept it: Mission Who Am I?

Who am I? The age-old question that humans have asked themselves as long as we’ve been writing and collecting data on us as a species. Of course, there are many levels to figuring out who am I. There are surface levels like, I am human, man; woman, heterosexual, gay, Latino, Asian, American and the list goes on. Then we can take a little deeper look into figuring out, Who Am I. Questions like, am I a nice person? Am I trustworthy? Am I intelligent? Am I fun? Am I responsible? Am I a good lover and/or partner? Am I a good friend or family member? Although you have delved deeper than our first exploration, they are still not very deep or define, Who Am I.

How does one answer the question, Who Am I?

I can offer you some suggestions to begin the process, but as you know this is a long process that is continually changing. The recommendations I’m going to share with you are the one-week before a first date version of discerning, Who Am I.


My training and process of learning about myself has been predominantly guided through meditation. I have a daily meditation practice that started over 20 years ago, I am very grateful for this. I’ve had some excellent teachers and mentors train me and coach me along the way in meditation. Of course, there are many methods of meditation as there are schools and traditions. For the purpose of discerning who I am, so I can be myself in dating, we are going to use some basic meditation methods, nothing new or trendy about them.


Providence Life Coach Dating Success Series - Who Am I? - Providence Life Coaching and Reiki Counseling

Meditation Technique for Discovering Who Am I

To begin this process of self-discovery in such a short period, we can stick with some basic tried-and-true methods of meditation. I invite you to begin by finding a nice quiet place to sit by yourself. Turn off your phone, TV, headphones, or any other means of distraction or attention, your undivided attention is what is necessary. I invite you to give yourself at least 30 minutes each day for the one-week version of Who Am I. If possible, do not do this right before bed, you will be more apt to falling asleep, dosing off or have trouble keeping your attention focused on the matter in front of you. I’d like you to find a nice comfortable chair sitting with your feet firmly planted on the floor, back as straight as possible and pointed forward. We have removed all of our external distractions, found a nice quiet place to sit and are now comfortable planted in a chair.


Providence Life Coach Dating Success Series - Who Am I? - Providence Life Coaching and Reiki Counseling


If you are comfortable doing so, I invite you to close your eyes, if you need to keep them open that is okay too. Take 3 to 5 full breathes in through your mouth, out with your whole body releasing with each full breath. Now, you can close your mouth, beginning to breathe in and out through your nose. Continue to take large breaths, but not as big as the first few. We can now take a minute or two doing some breath-watching. Simple and basic method of breath-watching includes breath in 1, breath out 2, breath in 3, breath out 4, breath in 5, breathe out 6, breathe in 7, breathe out 8, breathe in 9, out 10. After counting to 10, begin with 1 and do the same thing again. This process of breath-watching and counting our breaths from 1 to 10 is the traditional, basic method of creating a single-pointed focus.


It may take five minutes or ten minutes, when you feel ready, ask your Higher Self to be present and in charge. Then, ask your Higher Self to slow your brain rhythm, down below psychic, all the way to spiritual healing. Keep breathing in and out through your nose. You may begin to feel a nice rhythm of breathing that feels comfortable to you. Allow your brain and body to slow down and settle in.


We can now ask our Higher Self a very simple but complicated question, Who Am I? You will probably not get a direct answer. In fact, if you do, it is probably not correct or the truth. With this next chunk of time, I invite you to pay attention to your mind, your body and be present. The process is simple; breathe, be present and pay attention; breathe, be present and pay attention; breathe, be present and pay attention. Simple, but not always easy to do.  Listen, listen to your mind, listen to your body, just listen. Our first job is to listen, learning how to ourselves it’s very important. Listening to our own mind and our own body are much different from listening to a TV, a friend or music, Listening to ourselves requires paying attention and being present. You can have a minute or two just ask yourself the simple question, Who am I? Who am I? Who am I?

Interpreting The Data from The Who Am I Meditation

After you have spent 20 or 30 minutes sitting and listening, next step is to interpret what you heard. At first, it may all seem like a jumbled-up mess of random thoughts, but if you take some notes of the scattered thoughts and observations, they may turn out to mean something. You may learn more of who you are, what you are and why you are. What could be more valuable in dating or life than knowing who you are, what you are and why you are? Again, to go over the last step after your silent meditation, to take notes on what you remember of your scattered thoughts that crossed your mind, what images did you see, was there colors or textures, was there a landscape, who and what were part of your images, where there any words or phrases that stuck out in your mind? After you have made some simple notes of your observations and thoughts, the very last step is to make some connections between the notes of your interpretations and experiences with the meditation. If you can sit for just a minute or two staring mindlessly and maybe mindfully at your notes and interpretations. Please don’t get up and start running around like a chicken with its head cut off, be gentle with yourself and pay attention! Pay attention that night to your dreams or what you think about when you wake-up the next morning. If you do this for 5-7 days straight, you will learn some possible fragments or chunks of who you are. Again, what could be more important to you in dating or in life than being able to answer on some level, Who Am I?


Providence Life Coach Dating Success Series - Who Am I? - Providence Life Coaching and Reiki Counseling


Please be gentle with yourself and leave room for the lack of practice you may have at discerning who you are. This is a just the one week version of a lifetime process. Judging or being disappointed in your interpretation of how successful you were in this process is not helpful, or correct. Remember, this is just the beginning, meditation is a practice not a perfection:).


Providence Life Coach Dating Success Series - Who Am I? - Providence Life Coaching and Reiki Counseling


If you’re having trouble being able to interpret your observations, thoughts and experiences, please invite a friend, family member or someone you trust, personal or professional, to help you see “you”, in your notes. If there is no one you feel safe sharing this with in your life, I invite you to contact a life coach, counselor or therapist to help you with interpreting the data. If I can help in any way, please feel free to write me directly or comment below anonymously.


Next in the dating success series, now that I know who I am, how do I let somebody else know Who I Am?

 Providence Life Coach Dating Success Series - Who Am I? - Providence Life Coaching and Reiki Counseling


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