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by Jonathan Almeida on Michael Swerdloff
Keeps it REAL

A great man! Thats easy to talk to. With a real genuine authentic approach. From working with him believe me he will keep it "real" and give you the advice you need to hear.

by Kelley on Michael Swerdloff
Supportive life coach

Michael was wonderful and exactly what I needed at the time. He is thoughtful and dedicated to offering his clients the necessary support they are needing. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for Life Coaching.

by Jeannie L on Michael Swerdloff
Gentle Soul

Michael is a very gentle, humble, and thoughtful practitioner with an insight and discernment that clearly comes from his experience with people. He is very easy to open up to and really cares. In my personal experience, he had become a friend to me in a short time and the reiki treatment received (first time) in addition to some life coaching, seemed to be very beneficial for me. Going in, I was at least unbiased to it, and left feeling changed in a positive way. In my plans to return for any life coaching or reiki, I would definitely choose to return to him first. Awesome at what he does and a beautiful soul!

by Victoria on Michael Swerdloff
Best Counselor!

Michael is the best counselor I have ever been to. He's kind, thoughtful, and he really listens. He's the first person who ever truly made me feel heard. He is a great counselor who cares a lot about his clients and truly wishes to see them well. In hindsight, there is nothing I think he could have done better to help me. He was and still is excellent.

by Munaf and vanessa on Michael Swerdloff

Great Experience.he heard us so patiently and suggestions he gave were amazing and helped a lot. Thank you Michael. We really appreciate your help.

by Carmella on Michael Swerdloff

I found Michael on the internet through Thumbtack and he is awesome! He is very attentive and seems to get no matter what I bring up. Helpful feedback and insight. For a man, he understands women really well. I was originally wanting to work with a female but took a chance on Michael. So glad I did. If you have never experienced Reiki before, this is your guy!

by Dan and Michelle on Michael Swerdloff
Helpful For Us

We actually only met with Michael once. We were seeking support and guidance with or marriage. Truthfully, I was not keen on counseling or Coaching but my wife thought it would help and I agreed to go. I was surprised how quickly Michael assessed our situation and offered suggestions. They were right on the money! We feel like we have been given a breath of fresh air and able to get restarted again. Not everything is hunky-dory but we are motivated and trying. For us, that was all we needed. Other couples may want to work with Michael longer. Thank you Michael.

by Jessica W on Michael Swerdloff
Gets Me

I have been working with Michael for six months and I can't fully explain how much my life has changed. I was feeling desperate in nearly every aspect of my life and I knew that I was ready for a significant spiritual shift. During our first session, I liked him immediately but I've rarely felt so much fear at one time. I think it was a sign that I had begun down a path that I could not reverse. I saw him every week for about four months and, after moving out of state two months ago, have continued to work with him in staying on track. To say that Michael "gets me" is an understatement. He has the most profound ability to know you and make you feel safe. Without that, I never would have gotten as far as I have. I have since become increasingly trusting of myself and my intuition, so as to make more fulfilling life decisions. I'm thankful for his guidance every day.

by Kathleen Meyer-Crane on Michael Swerdloff

Some people come into your life somehow and you don't know exactly why, but they become a part of your story. If you are listening they teach you something and then you are changed. Michael came to us in a very difficult time. There was no easy answer to our issues. But his presence helped us in ways we may not even realize for years to come. He is completely non-judgmental to a level few people will ever achieve. He is peaceful and caring and insightful. He has wisdom to share and is able to look into your soul and see your potential. It is a beautiful gift.

by Allison on Michael Swerdloff
Dating Coach

I was skeptical about hiring a dating coach, partially because I am an attractive, intelligent and successful woman and partly because he is a man. I thought a woman might be better but I was so wrong! Michael understands woman in a way I have not felt before by a man. He gives clear, honest feedback and listens attentively. He has a fun sense of humor, gotta laugh at dating, and helped me make sense of all the crazy thoughts running around in my head. Mostly, I feel more confident now and began dating again. So far so good! Definitely call Michael if you want to get started dating in a way that feels good, no more dead ends.

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Location & Rates

I work out of the Providence Zen Center in Cumberland, RI. I am not licensed in Rhode Island, therefore, do not accept insurance. I offer a sliding scale fee ($60-$120) based on your own discernment of need. I accept cash, checks, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express and Pay Pal.

I invite you to contact me to see if we are a good fit to work together.